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This movie is about a young girl.
Day by day, it zaps into what's going on around this girl, her encounters, her relationships. She meets men, women, visits her grandmother. One of the men seems to be her boyfriend. But on the very next day, we can see her with another one. In bed. And the following day with a third.
Once, at night, after a party, she travels to the sea together with a boyfriend, and when they wake up, there's sand all around. Desert. But isn't this episode called "Thursday"? A dream, then? It seems like that. It seems like that because it's not certain, not clear. What is clear is that there is this girl, and the men, and the other persons. We don't find out what they think, what they fear. What remains are just moments, moments of longing and/or indifference; moments of loneliness and almost desperate nearness, innocent desire and calculating behaviour. Moments that could be what we call life.

Weekdays is an episodic film. Based on the short episodes Tuesday and Wednesday, new episodes were added each year from 1998 to 2004 resulting in a complete film.