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Carsten Gebhardt

short film, 11.30 min/Beta SP, 1996
with Janette Czys and Michael Thalheimer
Festivals: Internationales KurzFilmFestival Hamburg, Short Film Festival Kelibia/Tunesien, Festival Taranto/Italien, Videofestival Tokio
A girl brings fresh spring water in her hands to an imprisoned lion.
But he shows little pleasure, only teeth.

Dienstag (Tuesday)
short film, 15.00 min/16mm, 1998
with Zo Naumann and Peter Moltzen
Festivals: Short Film Festival Dresden, Rencontres International Paris/Berlin, Filmfest Karlsruhe, Filmfest Weiterstadt, Filmfestival Bayreuth
A day in a young girls life.
She stays alone and together with a man.

Mittwoch (Wednesday)
short film, 13.00 min/16mm, 1999
with Zo Naumann, Alexander Hchst a.o.
Festivals: Short Film Festival Dresden, Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Rencontres International Paris/Berlin, Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, HBK Braunschweig
A day in a young girls life.
She spends the afternoon with a man.
In the evening she goes to a club.

Insen live
DVD, NTSC, english, 2006
with: Alva Noto und Ryuichi Sakamoto
Camera: Jan Zabeil, Ralf Glaser, Hendrik Reichel, Uwe Bossenz
Sound: Anton Feist
Insen-Tour 2006
The concert, filmed in Porto and Barcelona, and a interview with the artists

Und was
short film, 8min/HDV, 2007
with: Zo Naumann, Peter Moltzen
Camera: Jan Zabeil
Sound: Ralf Glaser
Short film, based on a poem of Ulrike A. Sandig

Documentary, 39min/HDV, 2008
Camera: Carsten Gebhardt, Lutz Zoglauer, Ralf Glaser
Re-recording: Lutz Zoglauer
Documentation about »utp_« - a collaboration by alva noto, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Ensemble Modern 2007